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First time here?

Here's what we recommend for customers who are visiting FPC Seafood for the first time.

Whether you're coming with family or friends, these zichar choices are sure to cater to everyone's taste buds!

HERE'S A TIP: Try to avoid ordering dishes that have the same flavour profiles - e.g. Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs and Sweet & Sour Fish.


  • Thai Style or Plum Sauce Chicken (sauce is separated)

  • Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs

The ever popular Thai Style/Plum Sauce chicken. Have no fear - it may be fried chicken but it's not oily or cloying at all!


  • Kailan with Garlic/Oyster Sauce

  • Sambal Kangkong

  • Baby Spinach with Silver Fish


  • Hotplate Tofu

  • Crabmeat Tofu (this one's for the vinegar lovers!)


  • Yam Ring (it's handmade by the Chef himself!)


  • Hor Fun (contains pork, fish slices, prawns & vegetables)


  • Seaweed Soup

  • Bittergourd Soup

  • Crystal Noodle with Mushroom & Egg Soup


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